Tuesday, October 15, 2019

7 Office Security Tips Your Employees Need to Know

Working in an office environment can pose a variety of threats from online threats to physical harm. When working together in an office, it is important to be alert so to prevent any attacks.
Social media
Whether your job role includes working on social media or not, it is an incredibly popular medium of communication. In saying that, employees should be careful about what is posted about their workplace. Also, it is important to keep profiles private to strangers.

Sharing sensitive information about your workplace can place your office in a vulnerable position which could, in turn, escalate to lawsuits and termination.
Be observant
If you notice somebody walking into the office whom you haven’t seen before, ask if you can help them in any way. Often, people do not take this initiative in similar types of situations, making the assumption that another worker has taken care of it.