Thursday, December 28, 2017


Enjoying the season of giving is what the winter holidays are all about. However, because thieves know that homes during the holidays are filled with gifts, it should also be a time of vigilance. Take these precautions to ensure that your home is protected from a holiday break-in this winter.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Top Home Security Tips for Homeowners

Taking the right steps towards home security is quite important in order to maintain the safety of one’s home and assets. It is very hard to say when your home might get attacked, and how severe the consequences might be. Reputed home security consultant Justin Urbas has some tips that you can follow. Let’s have a look. 

Implement These Tips for Better Home Security 

Check locks - This is one of the most basic but important steps to ensure better home security. Make sure that all your door and window locks are in perfect working condition. If they are not, seek help from a locksmith without delay. Also, you should keep them locked at all times. 

Install intercoms - There is simply no excuse to install a cutting-edge intercom system on one’s entrance. This is also a fundamental home security measure that property owners can follow. 

Smoke alarm installation - Fires are probably the most devastating thing that can affect your property. To prevent extensive fire damage, property owners should definitely install smoke alarms on their interiors. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Your Holiday Home Security To-Do List

Property crime — in particular burglary — have the tendency to increase over the holiday months of November & December each year and with the average dollar loss per burglary at roughly $2,361 it’s even more important to make sure you’ve got everything you need to protect your home this holiday season.

With the holidays approaching quickly here in 2017, we want to do a quick rundown of home security tips, tricks and recommended products to put on your wish-list that can help you & your family stay safe here in Charleston.

Consider A Good Set Of Drapes

Preparing for your holiday festivities can mean more valuable items coming into your home. Whether they be for decoration, gifts or anything else you need for planning your get-togethers if those valuable items can be seen from a ground floor or other accessible window in your home, would-be burglars can simply do some window shopping and wait for the right time to strike.

If you simply can’t or don’t want to consider drapes for particular rooms, be sure to keep your valuable objects in rooms that are more difficult — or impossible — to see from around your home’s exterior.

Friday, December 1, 2017


A burglar is out for one thing: to find a home that is easy to enter. If your home appears too difficult or the risk of being caught is too great, they will move on to the next house. It does not take a lot to make your home appear intimidating to burglars – in fact, it is very simple. Unfortunately, too many homeowners ignore these super simple security tips that could significantly reduce the likelihood their home is robbed in the future.

Everybody loves a top 10 list, so here’s our checklist for living safely!

10 Simple Home Security Tips That You Can Use Today

Locking Doors and Windows – Before you leave your home or go to bed, lock the doors and windows of your home. If you have a home automation system, use your computer or smartphone to remotely lock your doors if you forget to do so before leaving.

Use a Home Security System – A home security system is your best defense against burglaries. There are numerous systems available that can be customized to your home and budget. Your local home security company can help you choose one. Simply installing it is not enough – you must also activate it!

Check the Locks – Locks need maintenance just like every other area of your home. Be sure to install deadbolt locks on outside doors, use the right locks on sliding doors and secure dog/cat entrances when you are away.